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The Power of the Introvert

April 27

Many introverts don’t know this but they are often the most powerful people in the room. Through their silences, their non verbal cues and their comfort in their own company they are able to draw others in with a quiet and irresistible magnetism JONES MAGAZINE INTROVERT STORY

The Loneliness of Men

October 31

The ABC’s sensational three-part series on Australian masculinity, Man Up, finished last week. It is compulsory viewing for men everywhere. Actually make that men, women and children. Here’s a story I wrote on the “Loneliness of Men” which goes to many of the issues explored in the ground-breaking ABC series.


March 29

A prolonged bout of insomnia left David Leser as a physical and emotional wreck. Now recovered, he still remembers the experience as one of the most harrowing in his life. Read full article in Sunday Life Magazine here.

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