Heath Ledger

June 5

Two years after Heath Ledger scandalised sections of middle America with his near-miraculous performance as a gay cowboy, he would light up the screen with another tour de force, this time as the lovelorn, heroin-soaked poet, Dan, in the Australian cult movie, Candy. Little known outside Australia, this film was based on a loosely autobiographical …

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Audette Exel – High Flyer

June 3

She built a career on making millions for the rich, but her true achievement has been using her legal and financial nous to make money for the world’s poorest. David Leser meets the ISIS Foundation’s Audette Exel in Kathmandu. To enter the Alice in Wonderland-like existence of Audette Exel, you could do worse than go down the …

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Enemy of Islam

May 26

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 37, faced terrible adversity from a young age in her native Somalia and now aims to reveal the “truth” about Islam and its treatment of women. *first published in the Australian Women’s Weekly, 28/6/07 Her strident views on Islam have earned the Somali-born author, film-maker, politician and human rights campaigner Ayaan Hirsi …

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SYDNEY WRITERS’ FEST – TMI (Too Much Information)

May 14

Don’t miss what will surely be an insightful, provocative and no doubt amusing exploration of exactly how much information is ‘Too Much Information’ with three brilliant but very different contemporary memoirists. The talk will be facilitated by acclaimed feature writer and author, David Leser. THURSDAY 17th MAY, 10-11AM. Pier 2/3 Main Stage ** This is …

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SYDNEY WRITERS’ FESTIVAL – Interview with the Interrogator.

May 12

David Leser will be facilitating both interviews and discussion panels at the 2012 Sydney Writers’ Festival. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the thrilling Interview with the Interrogator. Interview with the Interrogator – Thursday, May 17. 2.30-3.30pm at Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay. *(This is a ticketed event) Glenn Carle says he would not use physical …

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ASHER KEDDIE – The Girl Who Played Ita.

May 11

From Ita’s lisp to Blanche’s vulnerability, Asher Keddie has made celebrity roles her own. Yet there’s more to this versatile actress than mere mimicry, as David Leser discovers. Ita Buttrose and Asher Keddie are at dinner in a small chic restaurant in Sydney’s Surry Hills, a week before filming is due to begin on the …

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GINA RINEHART – The Richest Woman on Earth

May 3

Fate has given Gina Rinehart both blessings and curses – unimaginable wealth and poisoned personal relationships. On her way to becoming the richest woman on the planet, writes David Leser, the “Iron Maiden” has fought numerous court cases and now finds herself in a bitter battle with three of her four children. It’s hard to …

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HEALING HEART – The Story of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish

April 24

*Originally featured in Good Weekend, 14 May 2011. Two years ago, Izzeldin Abuelaish lost three beloved daughters in an Israeli tank attack, yet the famed Palestinian doctor refuses to let hate fill his soul. he explains why to David Leser.    “My God, my God. They killed my daughters. Shlomi, I wanted to save them, …

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April 20

Watch this space for updates and features on David Leser’s latest projects, stories and travels. MARCH: David travels to New York to attend the 2012 Women In The World Summit (coming soon). APRIL: David travels to Nepal to cover another incredible story for The Good Weekend Magazine (coming soon). MAY: David will be conducting a live …