Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

August 26

“I know more than any scientist in my inner heart … I know everything about the universe and how it works. I can answer any question about any mystery in the world, any mystery in the universe.”

– Serge Benhayon’s message for the “New Era”, January 1, 2012.

A few years before Serge Benhayon realised he was the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci, he was a junior tennis coach on the north coast of NSW. What prompted Italy’s greatest Renaissance painter and polymath to reappear in the lush hills of Alstonville to teach tennis 480 years after his death is a mystery, even to Benhayon.

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  1. Steve
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    What a missed opportunity to write about Serge – he will become one of the great global modern stories even though he is not seeking any publicity. Leser should interview many more of the students of Universal Medicine to get the picture and he should attend the workshops or retreats. Or read the philosphical works and try listening to the many podcasts. The media needs journalists that break the mould of irresponsibility.

    • Richard
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      Steve, do you understand what philosophy is? For your enlightenment: Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.[1][2] Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument.[3] The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom
      Serge’s books certainly do not meet any of those criteria. They are simply wildly cast opinions based on false premise. Serge is a great story, but not anyway in the sense that you think. Hence the obvious interest by the media. And may I add, as Serge himself ‘predicted’- at least he has one prediction clearly right that can be verified.

  2. Dear David,
    You finish this article on Serge Benhayon with the quote “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. If you agree with this statement, which I must assume you do otherwise why include it, then I am left wondering why you chose to present and write as you did regarding Serge Benhayon. Your article does not convey the truth about Serge or the esoteric teachings that he presents whilst it may contain facts, pieces of information, quotes etc. It appears to me that you came at this piece with a pre-determined agenda and selectively chose quotes and stories to fit that agenda – rather than coming from a blank sheet with a true openness and inquisitive heart and mind to get to the heart of the story re Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The truth of the message that Serge presents is simple and easy to comprehend, even if we don’t find it so easy to live at times, yet you chose to ignore this aspect and focus on the areas that are easy to sensationalise like reincarnation. That message is one of love for all people, starting with oneself, it is one of true care, tenderness and nurturing for ourselves and our bodies and thus all others – what is there to disagree with on that? The world is in the mess it is in today because of a lack of love, care and tenderness for ourselves that is then also projected on to all others. It is a pity that you didn’t use the opportunity you had to actually present this truth of the esoteric teachings and from which all people can benefit.

    There are hundreds and hundreds of people who can testify to the benefits of the esoteric teachings that Serge presents, who have transformed their lives and their relationships for the better, who have more love, joy, wellbeing and vitality in their lives as a result – yet you chose to give more weight, more credence to the detractors of Universal medicine. Why is that? Surely in the interests of fairness there should have been a fair representation from those who support Serge and I know many would openly and willingly do so – not because they/we are under some sort of control by Serge but because we know from our own experience that these understandings could help many people if they so chose it. Many of these stories are now on the blogs that you can access on the internet if you feel to under truth about Serge Benhayon, truth about Universal Medicine, words on Serge Benhayon and Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

    I work as a general surgeon in a busy general hospital and so I am very aware of the levels of suffering, illness and disease and I am very aware that modern medicine does not have all the answers to man’s ills – not that it makes that claim. I have done the New Age circuit, listened to and read many of the New Age writers and teachers (and you’ve probably heard of them) and yet for me, something was lacking in what they presented. I did not get a sense of a whole picture of truth that was all encompassing – there were bits missing, bits that didn’t fit or make sense, that didn’t link in with science and that just didn’t feel complete. For me the esoteric teachings as Serge presents them, do make sense, they do make a whole picture of life/God/the human condition that to me feels true and not only does it feel true, when lived it makes significant benefits in health and wellbeing. I know for myself that these teachings could assist many, that they are supported by current scientific research regarding the physical body and I don’t doubt that more will be uncovered that affirms what Serge is already stating. The fact is we are much more responsible for the state of our health and wellbeing than we realise and the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and psychosomatic medicine are providing the scientific evidence that supports that. The esoteric teachings engender self-responsiblity for health and in a world where the healthcare systems are facing bankruptcy that is a well-needed quality, don’t you think? Again this would have been another area that you could have delivered the simple, practical truth of the esoteric teachings instead of the more sensational aspects.

    Of course, taking full and personal responsibility for the state of our lives and our health can be confronting and challenging and many people do not want to go there – and that is totally fine. Thus the esoteric can press buttons in people…..and many of us have had our buttons pressed by it – but beneath all of that human stuff, there is for me a deeper truth that is all encompassing and that has the purity of love as its foundation.
    That said, people are free to make their own minds up and to discern for themselves what is true. FOr me the esoteric teachings do present ‘the truth that shall make you free’ and the more I live it, the more I know that to be so.

    I feel you did yourself and your readers a disservice by not offering them a few of these simple truths to ponder upon. I feel your article deliberately set out to discredit a man, whose depth of love and care for humanity is unsurpassed in my experience and who has so much to offer humanity in terms of understanding the true wisdom of love and how to live and apply that in one’s life. All of the major traditions are linked at the heart by the wisdom of love – for that is ‘the truth that shall set you free’…..and you had such a great opportunity to present some of that to your readers instead of the route that you chose.

    • Richard
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      David told a very balanced story. It hung on his own Serge’s own words and the things he said he would never step back from when the time came. The rest was quotes from other people and a revelation about how he met his wife, and the effect it had on her family. You are suffering for WYSIATI which is the illusion that you have enough information to make a decision about something, and that that information is more important than the information you [clearly] don’t have. Serge has presented himself as a man of absolute integrity- which you recap here- and it is demonstrated with his article and ones following he is anything but. Serge himself says if you align with one small untruth, you lack integrity. Serge is one untruth followed by yet another. Why do you keep asserting something that is patently shown to be false? Your discourse above does not address that but simply goes into another rant about some cherished ideas you have. Please face the truth and not your ‘appropriated’ version. And why is there a whole blog purpose built to annoy David Leser? that is certainly a strange way of approaching ‘truth’

      • Richard – seems like you enjoy a few rants yourself – perhaps you would do well to ‘practice what you preach’.

  3. Sally Scott
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    Hi David so the SMH is showing some interest in Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and what it does or does not do, present, teach etc. There are lots of people writing about Universal Medicine, everyday people who see its practitioners, attend workshops etc but more importantly from people who go home and live what quite simply is their lives with more love. Here are some of the blog sites set up by students with writings from everyday people living amazing and loving lives.

    The student initiated blog sites are sharing truly amazing stories. I can’t understand why this is not news worthy?

    It is an honour to be a student member of Universal Medicine as my life now is so full of love, joy, harmony, simplicity and fun that I highly recommend to anyone that it is worth being open to Universal Medicine and what it is presenting, simply to be love.

    • Richard
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      Hi Sally
      Please tell me what is the Universal Medicine definition of love? I think this might clear up a few communication issues happening between the UM ‘community’ and non-member. Thanks Richard

  4. Monya
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    Dear SMH/David Leser

    I am a professional in my 40’s with qualifications in diverse disciplines – from Modern Languages; Philosophy, Mental Health to Complementary Therapies – and a Doctorate in Social Sciences. I am a dedicated member of the community and regarded as greatly skilled, intelligent, astute, exquisitely reliable and caring.

    It has been with great astonishment and surprise to be falsely addressed by the recent articles and other media as a ‘follower’, ‘lost soul’ ‘weak individual’ and least but not last a ’cult member’ – to mention a few of the insidious, harmful allegations, which have been eagerly and disrespectfully fed to the public.

    I would like, in this instance, to comment on the article ‘The Da Vinci Mode’ published 25 August 2012, SMH and Good Weekend by David Leser.

    The Da Vince Mode is what I consider a ‘polished mockery’ of Serge Benhayon, rather than an impartial interview and in depth opportunity to present Benhayon’ s work. In its content, the article attempts to skilfully ridicule Serge Benhayon and UM presenting to the reader a ‘gossip style – hear say’ journalism without any accountability, depth or space to rather introduce the reader to the exquisite level of integrity, inspiring work and valuable therapies Benhayons and UM offer.

    The journalist appears to have invested time, resources and great effort in ‘selecting opinions’, making innuendos, twisting Benhayon’ s statements and expression so to sound ridiculous at best and even introducing the possibly of ‘insanity’ speculating on a possible ‘psychotic episode’ – I may add, David Leser has not expertise to offer such diagnosis, if not with the intent to cunningly misleading the public further.

    Once again, the article is an elaborate attempt to create ‘sensational’ – ‘scandalous’ news. In fact, what the journalist, David Leser has chosen to write, is poorly researched and investigated with a richness in bias, contempt and misinterpretations to overshadows the simplicity of Benhayon, his remarkable integrity and work.

    I would also briefly address just a few of the points of the article raises:
    On relationships –
    I continue to be in a long term relationship and my participation to UM Seminars and workshops has rather immensely supported and enriched ALL my relationships – being with my partner, family members or community.
    On Judgement, comparison and control over people’s life –
    This has not been my experience of Benhayon, his family or UM in several years. The question is, Dear Mr Leser have you ever observed closely enough life in an Ashram? What about in a ‘Yoga Camp’?
    On UM estate and finances:
    Has David Leser investigated and reported with the same eagerness the ‘estates and bank accounts’ of some influential ‘New Age’ Presenters and Authors, who have apparently come across a sudden ‘enlightenment’?

    In my work, long term Addictions, Domestic Violence, sever Mental Health issues, neglect and abuse, families breaking down, is a weekly occurrence. All of the above, too frequently fuelled by alcohol but not only.
    I would simply add that it is absolutely refreshing and inspiring to live a life in full regard for self and others as the ‘Norm’.

    In conclusion, I would love to share with you that over the past 8 years I have experienced and known Serge Benhayon as a remarkable man of profound insight, wisdom and generosity. Benhayon, his family and UM have always presented within the highest and unwavering standards of integrity, responsibility and conduct.

    As O. Wilde wrote:
    The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing. Journalism, conscious of this, and having tradesman-like habits, supplies their demands.

    In Truth,
    M.M., Australia

    • Richard
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      MM, please don’t sign something in truth while attacking the integrity of someone you don’t know to support someone you think you do.
      Thanks Richard

  5. Victoria Carter
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    Dear Mr Leser,

    I share the sentiments of other comments here – in that I cannot see how your recent GW article is not a deliberately biased account of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine(UM). From the outset of your piece, you ignore the plethora of testimonials and true stories of lives lived – lives which have only ever been enriched by their choice to participate in UM events, and receive complementary healing sessions from practitioners who adhere to the highest code of ethics.

    From the outset, you deliberately bring ‘to the reading public’, topics that would appear to be most ‘challenging’ to a discerning mind – a version of Serge’s awakening, the subject of reincarnation.. For readers not conversant in such subjects, this may well all sound quite ‘out there’ – and that’s the point. The bias in your piece begins by presenting what will no doubt bring a sensationalist-style reaction from many, and thus lead many to discredit the rest of the true story – before they even have a chance to get to that (& they will have to look for that – because you have not provided it). Many actually attend UM presentations with such ‘questions’ – but something has led them to come, to question, to investigate further.. Could it be that they’ve felt changes in people around them that have actually inspired them to ‘see for themselves’?

    Also in this context, I have to say that I find it somewhat perplexing – well, actually highly biased – that you question whether Serge had a ‘psychotic episode’, when in another piece you have authored, you wax lyrically about the awakening and virtues of Eckhardt Tolle (a man who, from your account, had his own ‘unusual awakening’), and in no way are any of his claims so questioned or made to look ridiculous… To journalistically associate the word ‘psychotic’ with a man carries a great weight of responsibility, does it not?

    The true story here, is one that includes many highly qualified medical professionals, psychologists, allied & complementary medical professionals, and indeed people from so many walks of life – builders, labourers, solicitors, teachers, policemen, business consultants, social workers.. (& yes, it does include a vast number of people whose relationships have benefitted enormously!). It is a story of why so many have found the quality of their professional and personal lives & the way they are able to truly care for themselves & others, deeply enriched via involvement with UM. Serge may not himself have medical qualifications, but surely ‘something is going on’ that these people actually attend UM events to learn and deepen their awareness of humanity, and the energetic root causes of the ills we face – all from a deep love for humanity, and a questioning as to how we ourselves, from wherever we are, and through whatever we ‘do’, might ‘make a difference’.

    I realise it can be difficult to comprehend, that with UM, there is no ‘escape’, no ‘quick fix’ offered from the ills of the world – when so much of what’s ‘out there’ promises us a ‘better life’, or even ways to ‘master’ life in order to get what ‘you’ want out of it (as so much of the new age & personal development industries are about). What if there is no other ‘reference’ for the public regarding an organisation such as Universal Medicine, that offers so much in the way of awareness and truly supportive complementary healing modalities, and yet does not in any way ‘take away your ills for you’? I, for one, via my involvement with UM, continue to deepen my awareness of just how deeply we are all fully responsible for our own healing. It thus seems to me, a ‘convenient response’ to portray Serge Benhayon and UM in the light that you have – to make it all look like ‘mumbo jumbo’, founded by a guy with a ‘God complex’ – i.e. dismiss & stereo-type what you may not have a true reference for. Investigate further, and you may just find there is something different here. There is much more to this story, and, despite the bias of articles such as you have penned, the true story continues to unfold every day. I highly recommend looking at the student-initiated blog sites referred to in others’ comments above – these are real stories, of real people. And, they are truly amazing.

    with love,

    • Richard
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      Hi Victoria, I suspect there is a lot more to the story- it simply remains dormant. But I fear it is not the truth, or your version of it, that you hope for. It would be prudent when blogging not to use Serge’s terms, words and expressions to closely as it gives the impression that you have not come to the conclusions on your own. Regards, Richard.

      • Victoria Carter
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        Hi Richard,
        the words and terms I use, are those that do come from the truth – as I know it absolutely to be, from many years now of astute observation and personal experience. They are from no ‘hoped for’ situation or outcome – Serge Benhayon is most definitely NOT my ‘salvation’, and I am no ‘blind follower’, as you insinuate here. If you are in doubt that I have come to my own conclusions, or that I have seen the whole story, then that is your own opinion. My experience comes not only from the enormous inspiration and benefits in my own life and living from my association with Serge and Universal Medicine, but also that observed in many, many others – simply amazing, and simultaneously, ‘real’ stuff. And hence, David Leser’s deliberately biased article warranted a reply (that could have been very long indeed!).
        Your tone here – and I appear to have ‘come off fairly lightly’ in relation to other reply-comments you have made – may reflect a man of indeed some intelligence, however it seems clear that you are personally motivated to silence/void statements such as my own, and are seeking to destroy the public image of a man of the highest integrity. And I have to wonder, what your own ‘story’ is?
        with love, Victoria

  6. Hi David
    There really was an incredible story to be told here, and the opportunity was missed by you, in favour of sensalised snippets. Serge Behayon has approximately 5 hours sleep a day and is productive , harmonious , wise, joyful and responsible for all the other 19 hours, all day every day, consistantly. He gives incredible presentations that he never has to prepare for, and can answer any question with truthfulness , wisdom and love, always considering all of humanity in how he presents such presentations and responses. I can’t think of any other human that can match his level of productivity can you? Why did you choose to ignore such an amazing fact alone? Why are young teenagers involved with Universal medicine learning to like themselves so they are much better equipped to handle peer pressure, bullying etc. i know many high schools and workplaces battle this problem but dont get very far, eyt here are people learning to handle these issues from within. Why are experienced surgeons on the other side of the world interested in what a so called unqualified man has to say about illness and disease? Why are housewives learning to listen to how they really feel when making decisions about raising their children and getting such satisfaction instead of frustration? I could go on,but I think the point is clear…..there was no true story told in the good weekend unfortunately. If you had of really wanted to reveal what’s truely going on up there, I am sure you could not have missed such incredible stories as have been mentioned by me and many others, easily available on the blogs . One day the truth will be told, by someone ready to report it

  7. Jane Keep
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    Biased account in ‘The Da Vinci Mode’ article
    by Jane Keep, England

    Dear David

    I read your piece titled ‘Da Vinci Mode’. I’m writing as I don’t feel that what was written has in any way presented the truth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, but has presented a biased account weighed heavily by anonymous quotes.

    Why not run a second part to this article, where you interview the many 1000′s of students about their own life changing experiences?

    I work in the National Health Service in the UK, I am pro-medicine, completing a Phd study, and work with two universities. I understand the need for freedom of expression, and for investigatory journalism, also for investigating and exploring things that may not make sense to some. What baffles me in this article is how journalist David Leser did seem to go to explore, but that there was a ‘funnel’ or ‘tag’ that was already biasing this piece – to make a mockery of Serge Benhayon, and all of those of us (thousands across the world) who attend Serge Benhayon’s presentations.

    In the 8 years I have known Serge Benhayon and his family, I have never felt even the faintest whiff of a lack of integrity. I have found in Serge Benhayon the highest level of ethics and code of conduct that I have ever found in any profession, and more to the point my experience has been life changing. Not because Serge or any of his family/Universal Medicine have ever imposed on me anything that I needed to change, or said anything critical about me, but because I have felt from the way they live, a deeply caring, tender, and consistent way of life, and that by taking responsibility for every choice in my own life, I too could live in a way that was more harmonious to my body.

    Now at 50 I am the healthiest, most vital, and happiest I have ever been in my whole life. You can also read the many true stories on the blogs

  8. Carlos Castaneda
    | Permalink

    Don’t you just love that “integrity” word? And how the previous seven comments conclusively prove the cult status of UM based on well established cult follower behaviours

    • Cammy
      | Permalink

      My goodness ignorance and fear is rife in your comments and those of David, I am about to attend a weekend to learn about universal medicine, all I see here is that people with no knowledge and experience are offering a lot of opinions and (incredibly -insults to those that have experiences nothing but good outcomes and experiences.
      I have experienced and practiced energy medicine for some time, it is not limited to just this modality, yet you choose to incite ridicule and fear in regard to Universal Medicine.
      It really only appears that you have a lot of fear around this modality and perhaps you should dare to attend instead.
      I looked at this blog to make up my own mind and these nasty ignorant comments have made me want to attend and experience what you guys actually fear.

      I am quite pleased that you dare to make all your ridiculous claims here as it only makes you look the fool, not Serge.
      Hope you find your light!

  9. Hi David,

    You are a respected journalist and I am sure you consider yourself a leader in your chosen field. What a missed opportunity for all, including yourself, that you had decided what angle your story was going to take before you even spoke to Serge, Miranda and Deborah.

    Your failure to question Miranda’s father who she clearly told you she continues to have a relationship with, yet print the version of events of her mother who she does not have a relationship with, made it glaringly obvious that you did not seek truth. Wouldn’t it have been true investigative journalism to have all sides of the story presented? After all what you have insituated is serious stuff. But you could not risk speaking to Miranda’s father could you because if you had you may have been told somethings that would mean that the story you had decided to tell was actually not true. I guess that is what ethics in journalism is these days. Only research the part of the story that will fit what you want to present so that you can lie to yourself that you are telling the truth.

    There are many other points that I could make with regard to your story but I will let you ponder on that one. Its not too late you know you could have another go at it. The truth is ever patient and if not you someone will eventually tell it.


    Paula Fletcher

    • William Cartright
      | Permalink

      Ms. Fletcher,

      How do you know that Mr Lesser “had decided what angle your story was going to take before you even spoke to Serge, Miranda and Deborah”? Have you spoken to him? Do you you have access to his research to substantiate your other accusations? Judging by the impartiality of his other articles I find this a ludicrous claim.

      The fact you work at “Universal Law”, which one can only conclude from its name and your continual defense of Serge Benhayon across the internet, is associated with Universal Medicine, suggests a bias in your comments.


      William Cartright

  10. Wendy Collins
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    Dear David,

    Thank you for a really great article on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It rang true to me what you wrote, and as a family member of a person who was involved in Universal Medicine I am glad you have chosen to write on this group.

    I find it fascinating, and rather sad, that many of the above comments come from the same people who defend Universal Medicine across the internet every time another media source presents an article on them. Several of these people, as I am sure you already know, have businesses tied to Universal Medicine.

    Should your readers be interested, there are other sites providing information on Universal Medicine on the internet (as well as many other articles and TV stories). Here is a list of some of them:,107998,page=1

    With kind regards

  11. Jasmin (Germany)
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    Another link for hopefully helping those, who want to leave universal Medicine or who want to help partners, familie or friends to do so. Or, to simply find out the real truth about Serge Benhayon instead of being influenced by the words of the reprogrammed students, that have been brainwashed by Serge Benahyon.
    Am I welcome to write the same down in german here, too?

    • Eric Dobbs
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      Thanks David for your article. As a husband of a former student of UM , all I can say is that UM is a toxic cult run by a very dangerous man .
      Fortunately my wife realized this after about 2 years of attending his “courses” and following his wacky
      belief system. Let me say my wife is intelligent and well educated but like many others she was hooked by him.
      After leaving UM. she required much
      Help from a cult counsellor and
      Good psychologist and the process has taken quite a while and has left scars ,not only on her but her family. Might I add this not a unique story.
      To those protagonists of Benhayon , I have read his stupid books and listened to his idiotic interviews and I challenge anyone who has done so to argue that he is anything but a certifiable nut job.
      So David thankyou again, any exposure this man receives at least can warn potential customers of universal medicine and Serge Benhayon of the insidious nature of this organization.
      Eric Dobbs

  12. Little do you know, mr leser researched his subject matter thoroughly until it came to deadline time. Serge was not exactly forthcoming with reliable information, especially regarding Miranda. It was only through David’s research that it was concluded he had been her tennis coach at the age of twelve, groomed her & convinced her father (not mother) that she should live with him& his then family (Deborah & children) so that she would get to Wimbledon no less! WOULD YOU BELIEVE someone THAT HAS YOUR THIRTEEN YEAR OLD In their house?no way ,I don’t it could be serge, the freakin dalai lama, god, the police…. no one cuts it. PROTECT OUR KIDS!!!!We have spoken to his old neighbour(& yes the police are aware of this) “I cannot believe it, I didn’t think it at the time, but I thought it was his daughter, they were always kissing and cuddling, now I think of it, oh no…..” At the same property a young man ( neighbour) mysteriously died in the quarry behind serge’s residence, that young man was known to be an extremely good friend of miranda’s……
    Go figure.

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