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Post Heritage

April 13

I have been sitting in a bottle of aspic for the past ten years, curing and pickling in the world of heritage journalism. Social media? Who needs it. Facebook? Forget it. Twitter? For narcissists and Liz Hurley’s parrot. Okay, I’m washing myself down, stepping – gingerly – towards the 21st century. It feels like someone …

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Welcome to the PleasureDome

April 18

There is a mysterious rock island on the southwest coast of Ibiza said to be one of the most magnetic points on the earth. It is called Es Vedra and, according to legend, this is where the sirens of Homer’s epic poems once lured sailors to their doom with songs of seduction. After six nights of recent …

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Dame Edna Wins Over Yanks – Her Last Shows Now Selling Out.

April 20

With Dame Edna’s last Australian tour about to get underway,  David Leser recalls the nights in Denver eleven years ago when Australia’s favourite pantomime dame brought the house down…  *Story First Published 30.09.2001. Denver, Colorado, is the “Queen of the Plains”, the largest city in a 1000 square kilometre area. For more than 125 years, …

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MERYL STREEP: The Greatest Actress of Her Time.

April 20

*Story First Published February, 2012. There are certain privileges in life that should never be taken for granted and meeting Meryl Streep is one of them. At this moment the woman whom fellow actress, Diane Keaton called “my generation’s genius” is sitting in her New York hotel room, more ethereal and elegant than even the …

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April 20

As Christine Milne takes over from Bob Brown as the leader of the Australian Greens and attempts to forge a better relationship between the Greens movement and rural Australia – David Leser’s article in the Good Weekend is a poignant reminder of how the political ground in Australia is shifting… *Story originally published in The …

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April 20

Watch this space for updates and features on David Leser’s latest projects, stories and travels. MARCH: David travels to New York to attend the 2012 Women In The World Summit (coming soon). APRIL: David travels to Nepal to cover another incredible story for The Good Weekend Magazine (coming soon). MAY: David will be conducting a live …

HEALING HEART – The Story of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish

April 24

*Originally featured in Good Weekend, 14 May 2011. Two years ago, Izzeldin Abuelaish lost three beloved daughters in an Israeli tank attack, yet the famed Palestinian doctor refuses to let hate fill his soul. he explains why to David Leser.    “My God, my God. They killed my daughters. Shlomi, I wanted to save them, …

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